Civil Engineering


Our team guides each project from the planning stages through to construction and completion. We support clients from day one, helping to make vital connections and appropriate applications to get projects rolling. We take a strategic approach to maximize value for our clients and partners, recognizing and balancing the community’s needs with those of funders and financial contributors. We have experience in navigating and understanding the many complex funding and development channels of development projects. Our team will help you through the approval and reporting processes, ensuring the timeline and budget are streamlined and effectively match all requirements.


We’re here to assist with projects needing groundwater contamination detection, and monitoring and remediation. We are also skilled at supply evaluation and development, aquifer dewatering, and infiltration needs. Our team provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Assessment of existing information, aerial photographs and well logs;
  • Geological logging, well design and capacity testing, pumping test and aquifer evaluation; and
  • Well interference, protection calculations, and hydrogeological assessments.

Our team also assists with environmental projects by:

  • Monitoring well design, hydraulic conductivity testing, flow direction and velocity; and
  • Groundwater sampling, parameter testing focus and evaluation, groundwater monitoring and contaminant plume modeling; and
  • aquifer dewatering and infiltration testing and design expertise.
Our Civil Engineering Service Include ...
  • Road design
  • Sanitary sewer and drainage design
  • Stormwater management plans
  • Sediment and erosion control plans
  • Pump station design
  • Water modelling and network analysis
  • Water and wastewater treatment design
  • Hydrogeology*
  • Land development, subdivisions and housing development
  • Commercial and industrial site design
  • Utility and site servicing
  • Site layout and grading

Planning Services

We have worked and collaborated with many First Nations across BC and our collective team experience is both personal and professional. This lived experience is a vital aspect of the Gwaii business and guides our core values. We are always focused on building long-term and authentic connections and friendships. This approach helps us build trust and engage within each community in a welcoming and supportive manner that ensures efficient collaboration.
Our PLANNING services INCLUDE ...
  • 3D Site Planning
  • 3D Site Modelling
  • Land-Use Planning*
  • Community Planning*
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Consultation and Engagement

Project Management

Through certified Project Management Professionals, we provide project management services on environmental, First Nations, municipal infrastructure and land development projects throughout Vancouver Island.
CRD McLoughlin Point WWTP
Our team understands that funding often comes from multiple sources and we are skilled at grant applications and proposals in support of development and housing projects. We can help identify the requirements of each funding project and work to efficiently maximize what is available. Through this collaborative process, we align the project vision with funding initiatives to bring each development to fruition.
OUR project management services INCLUDE ...
  • Grant Applications
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Project Oversight
  • Feasibility/Design/Project application request (FAR, DAR, PAR)

Environmental Engineering


Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs) provide an initial evaluation of potential site contamination. A Stage 1 PSI also includes the professional review of available records to determine the history of the site and adjacent land. A site reconnaissance is undertaken following this review to document the current conditions and operations on, and adjacent to, the site. Where possible, interviews are conducted with current land owners and other individuals with knowledge of site use and history.

If contamination is suspected or known to be present, then a Stage 2 PSI and possibly a Detailed Site Investigation will be required to determine the extent of the impact. Depending on the scenario, investigations may require the evaluation of contamination in present soil, groundwater and soil vapour.

Our team has an extensive history of successfully performing such environmental investigations, having completed several hundred Stage 1 PSIs, Stage 2 PSIs and associated drilling, remediation, and monitoring programs.


In many cases construction projects will require an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in order to obtain the necessary permitting or permissions to begin work. We have developed clear and concise plans for a wide range of projects throughout BC including marine remediation, mine reclamation, and infrastructure development projects in environmentally sensitive areas. With our thorough understanding of applicable environmental regulations, we are able to adapt our EMPs in order to provide project-specific solutions for environmental best practices, mitigation measures, and monitoring throughout the project’s duration.

Our EMPs clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all relevant parties, ensuring that the project team is informed and trained with regard to their respective components. When acting as Environmental Monitor, we collaborate with the project team and update the EMP regularly as project conditions change.

As part of our turnkey environmental services, we are able to provide clients with guidance and project management throughout the contaminated soil relocation and remediation process. Our knowledge and partnership with the local excavation, transport, and disposal industries allow for considerable savings on all fronts of the remediation program. We have extensive experience completing site remediations under Contaminated Soil Relocation Agreements, Approvals in Principle, and Independent Remediations to obtain Certificates of Compliance and environmental closure.
  • Hazardous building material surveys
  • Asbestos, lead paint, etc.
  • Environmental site investigations
  • Phase 1/2 stage, 1/2 preliminary site investigations, detailed site investigations, etc.
  • Soil, water and air quality characterization
  • Soil relocation and disposal
  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Field oversight and supervision
  • Environment management plans
  • Water quality management
  • Soil management
  • Air quality management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Contaminated sites
  • Biological (marine mammals, birds, aquatic life, etc.) *
  • Bird nest surveys*
  • Water quality monitoring (discharge and sedimentation)
  • Underwater noise monitoring
  • Air quality and noise monitoring
  • Riparian area regulation*
  • Environmental impact assessments*
  • Water treatment (construction related)
  • Drinking-water quality assessments*
  • Fuel tank removal and remediation
  • Contract administration

Design/Build Capability – Sangan Resource Management (SRM)

Our Design and Build services include ...
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Roads and walkways
  • Site development
  • Utilities (electricity, water, wastewater)
  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities and technologies
  • Utility services
  • Water and sewer Operations
  • Investment and financial support
Trent Force Main
*in partnership/collaboration with other professionals
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